POSTADRESS GLOBAL and Cendris agree on a long-term cooperation

German-Dutch cooperation for maintaining international address stocks

CendrisPOSTADRESS GLOBAL and the Durch direct marketing service provider Cendris have agreed on a long-term cooperation. In future, as a default, POSTADRESS GLOBAL will fall back on the performances Cendris to maintain the Dutch consumer and company addresses of its international customers.

POSTADRESS GLOBAL consults companies with multi-national address stocks regarding data quality. The foundation for this is a global partner network, by means of which the data management experts can offer address services from a single source in virtually all countries worldwide. If a customer would like to update Dutch addresses as well, Cendris will now be the first point of contact for POSTADRESS GLOBAL.

Interview with Patrick Gelauff, Cendris Database Management

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“We have already offered our customers services from the Dutch market for ten years; thus we know the branch and market participants there well,” says Julian Schuppe, Key Account Manager at POSTADRESS GLOBAL. “We have cooperated with numerous dialogue marketing service providers, with Cendris being one of these.”

With an internal benchmarking, Cendris established itself as the most reliable, fastest and most flexible partner. “For this reason, we decided to convert our isolated cooperation from the last years into a long-lasting cooperation.” Apart from address updates, i.e. the comparison with change of address data, deceased and undeliverable data, this also includes postal corrections, duplicate checks, validations again household databases as well as data enhancement so as to include telephone numbers, postal codes, addresses and more.

POSTADRESS GLOBAL and Cendris agree on a long-term cooperationUpon signing of the contract in Gütersloh, Philip Rürup, managing director of Deutsche Post Adress, explains the benefits of his company for the customers: “Thanks to the cooperation, our customers have a broad address management portfolio at their disposal for their Dutch data. They make use of top products – 80% of the 500 largest companies in the Netherlands use Cendris performances – and this speaks for itself –, however, thanks to POSTADRESS GLOBAL, they receive a tailor-made solution for their entire international data management, circumventing language barriers, in addition to having a contact person for all countries.”

Patrick Gelauff, account manager at Cendris Customer Information: “Our close cooperation has led to a structural agreement with POSTADDRESS GLOBAL and we are obviously very pleased with this. Cendris advises POSTADRESS GLOBAL and its customers continuously about the way they can achieve optimal data quality on their Dutch data.”

Photo: Stefan Elsendoorn, Patrick Gelauff (Cendris Customer Information), Philip Rürup (CEO Deutsche Post Adress) and Julian Schuppe (Key Account Manager POSTADRESS GLOBAL)

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