Formatting and structuring of Austrian addresses

Formatting and structuringThe formatting and structuring of your address data is an important factor in achieving the best results when it comes to data maintenance, such as modification, updating, and correction.

Apart from the 4-digit postcode an Austrian address is very similar to a German address. However there are a few significant differences:

In Austria, it is custom to use the academic salutation (e.g. master or chartered engineer) and job titles (e.g. senior civil servant, business executive, state singer).

One special feature is providing a door number in buildings with apartments. Lots of building letterboxes in Austria did not have any slots up until 2012; only mail deliverers from ÖPAG (abbreviation for Österreichische Post AG) is one of the biggest companies in Austria. It has a quasi monopolistic position with a market share of well over 90% in the postal delivery market – including non-addressed could open the letterbox with a master key and place the mail inside. During the course of the postal service liberalisation, all building mailboxes in Austria have been changed over to the EU compliant letterbox flaps until the end of 2012. Each recipient is free to put their name on the letterbox. Instead of the name, it is sufficient to state the stair (stairwell) and the door number. This means these details are required to correctly address recipients in apartments. Stating the door number (with a slash behind the house number) is even a mandatory part of the address in buildings with more than four delivery points! Around half of letters in Austria go to people living in such buildings.

An Austrian consumer address is structured as follows:

Hofrat Walter Obertseder
Wiener Hauptstraße 10/A/4/15 *
1014 Wien

*) 10 = house number, A = residential block, 4 = stairwell, 15 = door number

An Austrian business address is structured as follows:

Strabag AG
Herrn Direktor Egon
Sterzinger Straße 1
6020 Innsbruck

If the place of destination has no street name, the name of the area, is placed instead of the street name in front of the house number (this occurs in small areas): 

Erika Muster
Krakaudorf 32
8854 Krakaudorf

In Austria, there are approximately 400 postcodes allocated to postboxes. A postbox address has no street details!

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