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What you ought to know about maintaining your Belgian addresses

Here you find useful information on maintenance, updating, cleansing and enrichment of Belgian customer addresses.

Data Quality Solutions in Belgium

Geographical and postal classification

The Belgian kingdom is politically divided into 10 provinces, 43 arrondissements (areas) and 589 municipalities. The main division into 4 communities arose due to Belgium’s unusual linguistic borders. There are Flemish, French and German speaking communities, as well as the capital Brussels, which is bilingual. Belgium is divided into 75 postal districts.

Street Directories

Street DirectoriesVia POSTADRESS GLOBAL you have access to much more than a simple street directory for address standardisation.

It is a software which contains a lexicon with multiple files and a search engine. The lexicon has a street directory with 145,000 Belgian streets (in two languages for the two bilingual regions) and 1,800,000 variations (different ways to write the street names), as well as the official postcode directory.

Data Protection

Data Protection in Belgium applies only to individuals. Data belonging to legal entities is not covered under this law. The legal basis of this data protection law is the “Loi du 11 décembre 1998“. It regulates the processing of personal data, including acquisition and subsequent processing.

Some obligatory information must be included in the mailing, such as the name and address of the sender, the purpose of the mailing and an indication of the recipient’s right to object to the data, the recipient’s right to have access to the data and the recipient’s right to correct the data. Online contact has always had stricter regulations than written advertising, however the Belgian data protection laws are all in all to be regarded as tolerant.

Postal Service

Postal ServicesThe Belgian Post has been trading since 2010 under bpost and with 36,000 employees, is one of Belgium’s largest employers.

The largest competitor for delivery of mailings under 50 grams is the Deutsche Post (DHL). The post market for letters under 50 grams was indeed liberalised in 2011, however bpost is still the monopolist in this area. The market is relatively small for competitors and the investment required to deliver to the whole country five days a week is too high.

Marketing Associations

Belgian Direct Marketing AssociationThe biggest direct marketing association in Belgium is the Belgian Direct Marketing Association (BDMA). It represents 450 business members.

Analysis / Test

A test checking the quality of your customers’ addresses is available and advisable! The accuracy of the addresses are also checked to see if the addresses are deliverable and up to date. A detailed report is supplied, which allows for strategic recommendations for the optimisation of the quality of the data.

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Quick Info Belgium

  • Inhabitants: 10.3 million
    (world ranking 79 of 193)
  • Households: 4 million
  • Companies: 0.7 million
  • GDP per capita: 43,533 $
    (world ranking 14)
  • Human Development Index:
    world ranking 18
  • Mailing Volume: very high
    (110 per head/year)


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