Formatting and structuring of Belgian addresses

The Formattingformatting and structuring of your address data is an important requirement in data maintenance so that optimal results in subsequent processing stages such as updating, cleansing and enrichment can be achieved.

A Belgian private address is structured using this method:

Madame Marjorie Beaugrand
Avenue des Prairies 15C bus 1
4000 Liège

“bus” or “bte” for persons living in a block of flats.

A Belgian business address (post office box addresss) is structured using this method:

Dhr. Paul Beaugrand
Boutique Rosso SA
Postbus 11000 (in NL, ”Boite Postale 12″ in FR)
1000 Bruxelles

An extensive documentation and many examples can be found at

  • 4 digit postcode

  • Bilingual street names in Brussels

  • Important: language code – define whether your customer will be addressed in Dutch, French or German!
  •  An address has a maximum of 6 lines (7 lines for international mail). Each line of the address may contain at most 50 characters incl. spaces. Therefore authorized abbreviations should be used, e.g. business park/industrial area: Z.I. for “zone industrielle” in French, I.Z. for “industriezone” in Dutch, G.G. for “Gewerbegebiet” in German.


POSTADRESS GLOBAL will gladly assist you with the formatting and structuring of your Belgian addresses. Just contact us!

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