Address Deduplication in Belgium

DedublicationThe quality of the addresses in your database and the value of analysis results increase significantly if duplicate addresses are recognised.

The amalgamation of various addresses to one family is particularly useful. An expensive catalogue is not sent to two members of the same family. You can outline criteria (by gender, by age) to indicate which family member should receive your mailed item. In doing so you decide, depending on the campaign, who the main contact partner for the respective mailing should be.

By verifying your Belgian data with POSTADRESS GLOBAL, more is taken into account than just the scope of services available for the usual cleansing of duplicates (name, house number, postcode), such as information on

  • single or multi family residences
  • relationships within a family
  • gender
  • forename
  • date of birth

POSTADRESS GLOBAL can deduplicate your Belgian customer addresses. Simply call us for a quote – no obligation!

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