Formatting and Structure of French Addresses

Formatting and StructureThe formatting and structure of your address data is an important factor in achieving the best results when it comes to data maintenance, such as modification, updating, and correction.

The French address format is simply structured and also adheres to the AFNOR norm (XP Z10-011).

A French address is structured as follows:

Madame Marie Delaroche
75014 PARIS

  • 5 digit post code. The first two digits stand for the district (departement) and the following three for the postage delivery point.
  • Excluding the name, the address should be written in capital letters.
  • Additional information (residence, storey, building, etc.) are often used.
  • A maximum of 38 characters or spaces per line.
  • Capital letters are recommended for the last three lines of the address (four with the country name).

POSTADRESS GLOBAL will gladly assist you with the formatting and structuring of your French addresses. Just call us or send an email.

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