Relocation Data in France

Relocation DataThe relocation database Charade® from La Poste, which has approx. 14 million addresses, consists of two data pools:

  • Addresses, which are between 1 and 6 months old: The forwarding address contracts have not expired.
  • Addresses, which are between 6 and 36 months old: The forwarding address contracts have expired. 

Additionally a few service providers have their own household databases which are updated by telecommunication and mail order companies.

Up to 10% additional relocation addresses are found by this extra source. The rate of coverage is approx. 85%.

La Poste’s relocation database contains relocation addresses, which are sourced from the forwarding address contracts. The old relocation addresses are added to the up to date databases of La Poste’s partners, while the new addresses are only available through La Poste. POSTADRESS GLOBAL organises address verification for their clients which uses both pools of data.

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