Formatting and structuring of German addresses

Formatting and structuringThe formatting and structuring of your address data is an important factor in achieving the best results when it comes to data maintenance, such as modification, updating, and correction.

A German consumer address is structured as follows:
Simon Müller
Bäckerstraße 7
81737 München
A German business address is structured as follows: alternative (P.O.Box):
Musterfirma GmbH
Dr. Renate Mustermann (optional)
Alter Weg 110 a
12345 Musterdorf
Musterfirma GmbH
Marketingabteilung (optional)
Postfach 12 34 56
12350 Musterdorf






  • Data Matrix CodeNo empty lines are inserted into the address field or in front of the address line with the postcode and the area. The whole address is written as a continuous block. Underlining is not allowed.

  • The German postcode has 5 digits: the first number stands for the main district zone, the second number for the regional zone and the three following digits stand for the area or a group of delivery areas.

  • In total, there are around 28,000 postcodes: 8,300 are allocated to areas, 17,400 refer to postboxes. In addition, there are 2,300 major recipients (companies and institutions who receive a lot of post), who have their own postcode.

  • If post is sent to a postbox, the street description is not required. The word ‘Postfach’ (PO Box) is to be written, followed by the PO Box number, which has between 4 and 8 digits. Businesses and private individuals may open a PO Box. There are over 930,000 PO Boxes in Germany.

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