Formatting and Structuring of British Addresses

Formatting and StructuringThe formatting and structuring of your address data is an important factor in achieving the best results when it comes to data maintenance, such as modification, updating, and correction.

The British address format is very complex. As private addresses are fairly comprehensive, high demands are placed on software processing.

  • alpha-numeric postcodes with both characters as well as numbers
  • up to ten address lines: name of house, which storey is occupied, thoroughfare, dependent locality, post town, county …
Privat address: Company address
Mr. Walter C. Brown
West Wing
Arle Court
Hatherly Lane
49 Featherstone Street
Smith Consulting Ltd.
Mrs Liza Jones
PO Box 123









POSTADRESS GLOBAL will gladly assist you with the formatting and structuring of your British addresses We would like to advise you – just call or send an email.

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