Formatting and structuring of Swiss addresses

The Formatting and structuringformatting and structuring of your address data is an important requirement in data maintenance so that optimal results in subsequent processing stages such as updating, cleansing and enrichment can be achieved.

Swiss is quadrilingual: The official languages are German (exclusively in 17 of the 26 cantons), French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic. Businesses should be aware of the correct usage of umlauts (a, o and u with two dots over it) and accents.

A Swiss consumer address is structured using this method:

Angel Schuler
Hofwisenstrasse 30/5
8153 Rümlang

A Swiss business address is structured using this method:

PMI Verlag AG
Frau Nicole Lorenz
Berninastrasse 51
8050 Zürich

  • A apartment or storey level number is often used and after a forward slash is added on to the house number.
  • Letters, on which the street name as well as the postbox number in the address appear, will be delivered as if only Postbox was written. In contrast, delivery of packets with both details are delivered to the house address. In each case the word ‘Postfach’ (PO Box) must appear in the second last address line.

POSTADRESS GLOBAL will gladly assist you with the formatting and structuring of your Swiss addresses. Just call us or send an email.

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