Formatting and structuring of American adresses

The Formatting and structuringformatting and structuring of your address data is an important requirement in data maintenance so that optimal results in subsequent processing stages such as updating, cleansing and enrichment can be achieved.

An American private address is structured using this method:

HEMPSTEAD, NY 11550-1234

An American business address is structured using this method:

P.O. BOX 1234
KRYNTON, TN 38188-7530

  • multiple address lines
  • indication of company name or building

List Conversion formatting is the cornerstone of all list processing. All processing performed is contingent upon the accuracy and quality of the initial conversion.  It identifies consumer and business addresses. It also identifies and parses name and address elements utilizing our partner’s proprietary software developed through many years of experience.

  • Identification of vulgar names and/or addresses
  • Identifies and corrects records where the first and last names were transposed
  • Standardises the first, middle, and/or last name
  • Facilitates better address hygiene results and better identification of duplicates

POSTADRESS GLOBAL will gladly assist you with the formatting and structuring of your American addresses. Allow us to give you an non-binding quote – just call.

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