Postal Correction in the USA

Postal Correction

Postal correction is recommended as a basic service before each processing. Only correct postal addresses can be correctly identified and updated in subsequent steps.


Address Coding Manager (ACM)

Address Coding Manager is the combined multiple ZIP+4 coding. It is enhanced performance from merge/purge, postal presort, and data enhancing processing. There are two different CASS files, both of which are owned by our partner.

CASS Certification

Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) Certification improves the accuracy of the carrier route. It includes the five digit ZIP+4 coding. It is offered to all mailers, service bureaus, and software vendors in order to evaluate address matching and improve quality. It enables the postal service to evaluate accuracy of address matching. 4% to 10% might be incorrect, therefore, non-codeable information may be recovered through Advanced Address Correction (AAC).


LACSLink (Locatable Address Conversion System) converts rural-style addresses on your files to “911” locatable street-style addresses. The LACSLink product also updates records with urban address conversions resulting from associated street renaming and renumbering. The LACSLink product is now required as part of CASS processing.


Suite appends secondary suite information for business addresses. It is a USPS licensed product that is incorporated into Address Coding Manager (ACM) processing. Our partner was one of the first companies to be licensed.

Advanced Address Correction (AAC)

4-10% of a database might not be CASS certified, therefore AAC is needed. It uses propriety name and address resolution techniques to supply missing elements and correct deficiencies for addresses that cannot be ZIP+4 coded. It can resolve up to 50% of non-coded records on both customer and prospect lists.

Address Element Correction (AEC)

AEC is a service that corrects and standardizes address elements. AEC processing may transform problem addresses into accurate, standardized addresses, which allows mailers to take full advantage of automation discounts. AEC focuses on correcting address element deficiencies such as: misspellings, nonstandard abbreviations, incorrectly joined elements, improperly ordered elements, address lines containing data other than the actual address, and missing elements.

Deliverability Score

Deliverability Score ranks address quality based on all of the interrogation done in the prior steps with a score of 1 (best) through 8 (worst). It provides the ability to identify poor quality address scores 6-8. These have shown to perform at less than 30% of the overall mailing performance..


POSTADRESS GLOBAL can organise a postal address correction for your American addresses. Allow us to give you an non-binding quote – just call!

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