Change of Address in Countries Worldwide

A white paper by Merry Law, founding member of the Global Address Data Association

POSTADDRESS GLOBAL is pleased to present a white paper by Merry Law, an internationally recognized expert on international postal addresses. Feel free to download her paper “Change of Address in Countries Worldwide”, a review of issues affecting change-of-address files internationally and a list of the countries (15 + the United States) that provide COA services for mailers.

Please note that her paper is copyrighted. Thank you for referring to the source if you intend to quote this document.

About the author

Merry Law is editor of the authoritative Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats and author of Best Practices for International MailingsShe is a member of the Universal Postal Union POC Addressing Work Group and of the U.S. International Postal and Delivery Services Federal Advisory Committee and a founding member of the Global Address Data Association. Merry Law is a consultant on international databases, postal issues, and on direct marketing, working with firms and key executives to identify and overcome their barriers to international business. She frequently writes and speaks on international postal, business, and marketing topics.