Address Formatting and Structuring

How to format and structure international addresses

The Challenge:

Other countries, other address formats – some of which are different postcode systems, different abbreviations and different special characters. And …


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What must one be aware of when working with international address formats?

In some countries there are three lines in the address, while in other countries the address consists of five lines. Each country has a different postcode system. Ireland does not have postcodes while Portugal has a seven digit one. Country-specific titles, special characteristics and abbreviations must be taken into consideration and country codes must be remembered when sending cross-border mailings.

Solution: Address Formatting and Structuring

Formatting and structuring software recognises salutations, streets and areas in a database. Missing salutations or postcodes are added in. Unusual abbreviations are written out in full or deleted. Upper and lower case letters are standardised and unnecessary spaces are deleted.

The address is created according to the sample format for each country, which is previously stored. In this way you can ensure that your addresses conform with the postal regulations and will be processed as quickly as possible by the respective postal service provider.


  • Correctly formatted addresses are required for successful data maintenance.
  • Optimal basis for deduplication, updating and enrichment
  • Machine readable (at the postal service provider) = delivery as fast as possible
  • Addresses incorrectly formatted gives an impression of incompetence to the recipient.