International Business Addresses

This is how to optimise your client business database

The challenge:

Stay in contact with your business customers! Learn more about their suppliers, partners and clients! Recognise insolvencies and liquidations!


International business dataPOSTADDRESS GLOBAL can take care of maintaining, updating and enriching your business addresses.


Questions on business addresses?

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For the best possible quality of your B2B-addresses

Not only relocations, but also name changes, changes of legal form, business fusions, liquidations or insolvencies outdate the addresses quickly. In order that the relationship stays intact, a consistent maintenance of B2B data is indispensible.

With additional information via enrichment, new potential of cross and up-selling may be developed.


  • Fewer returns = better response rates
  • Business relationships remain intact
  • No unnecessary delivery of expensive mailing pieces
  • Early recognition of insolvencies and liquidations
  • Cross and up-selling