International Relocation Data

Up to date addresses

The challenge:

Merges against relocation data!


international relocation dataPOSTADDRESS GLOBAL can organise a merge purge via the usual merge-purge process (between many files and within a file) using relocation addresses for you.


Questions on
relocation data?


Relocation addresses in your database

Depending on the country, 5 to 15% of the population relocate each year. A lot of consumers forget to inform their contract partner of the new address. Therefore a lot of entries in client databases are out of date. Important letters and merchandise deliveries become postage returns. The best mailing is of no avail if the recipient does not even receive it.

Solution: Reliable relocation data

In a lot of countries relocation databases exist, with which your customer database may be merged. We recommend updating your data using these databases at regular intervals – e.g. quarterly – in any case, before a bulk mailing is sent out. With this proactive updating of addresses, postage returns are avoided.

As long as the cost per match is calculated, such merges are always worthwhile!


  • Addresses are always up to date
  • Avoidance of unnecessary material costs and delivery costs
  • Minimised costs for postage return processing
  • Optimal response rates