Invalid Addresses

How undeliverable addresses are recognised in your international database

The challenge:

Letters to deceased persons? Catalogues to those who have informed the direct marketing association that they do not wish to receive direct mail? Merchandise deliveries to invalid addresses?


invalid addressesPOSTADDRESS GLOBAL assists in cleansing your addresses of deceased, invalid addresses and also addresses of those who do not want to receive promotional mail.


Questions on undeliverable addresses?

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Addresses which are undeliverable

“Undeliverable“ means that reliable information is available, which indicates that the postal service is unable to deliver to the given address. Reasons for this undeliverability are:

  • The recipient has relocated but the new address is unknown (relocation has been verified)
  • The recipient has died. (In B2B sector: the company no longer exists.)
  • The address is a fantasy address (“Micky Mouse address”)

There are also so called Robinson lists containing addresses of those who do not want to receive promotional mail. They are maintained mainly by national dialogue marketing associations. Consumers who do not want to receive any promotional mail via post, email or SMS etc. may add their names to these lists.

Solution: Merge your data against invalid addresses

In many countries, databases exist with undeliverable and invalid addresses, against which you can merge your customer file. In the case of Germany, for example, the database is POSTADRESS CLEAN. Each year one million “relocations without new addresses” as well as 700,000 deceased records (coverage approx. 80%) are integrated into this database.


  • Significantly fewer postage returns
  • No unnecessary deliveries of expensive advertising material or merchandise.
  • Respect is shown to the relatives of the deceased person
  • Increased cost control: The costs for the mailing campaign, cost per address and the print run can easily be calculated.