Postal Correction of International Addresses

How international client addresses are validated

The challenge:

Is the street name written correctly? Is the postcode correct? Is the address even deliverable?


Postal Correction

POSTADDRESS GLOBAL can organise a postal address correction for nearly all countries in the world.


Questions on
address cleansing?


Prevent mistakes in the address with postal correction

The main reason for bad address data quality is mistakes which occur as the addresses are inputted: a street name is written incorrectly, because the person who enters the data mistypes or has misunderstood the street name on the telephone. Without automatic address correction, areas are often allocated the incorrect postcode or the digits are transposed in the postcode.

Solution: postal address correction

The addresses are verified against a street directory, in which all the street names, including areas and postcodes are stored with the official, up to date spelling, in accordance with postal standards. Incorrect data is corrected and missing or incomplete data is added. 

Important: The process ensures that an address exists and your mailing reaches the house corresponding to the address. The postal correction process does not check whether the recipient really lives there.

Advantages of the postal correction process

  • Fewer postal returns = higher response rate
  • Shorter postal delivery times
  • Optimal requirements for deduplication, updating and enrichment.