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DHL Global Mail clients use POSTADRESS GLOBAL

DHL Global MailDHL Global Mail is world renowned for premium quality in logistics. However a prerequisite for a punctual delivery of letters and packets is correct addresses. So DHL Global Mail works closely with POSTADRESS GLOBAL.

The client
DHL Global Mail provides solutions for international letter and B2C packet deliveries. DHL Global Mail operates one of the biggest worldwide delivery networks with around 100 sales offices and 40 production facilities in five continents.
The challenge
Naturally, DHL Global Mail can only deliver the international client’s mail as fast as possible, if the given address is correct and up to date. The client is often not aware how much is saved if the addresses are updated before mailing occurs. Postage returns are minimised, response rates are increased.  
The solution
When international data quality is concerned, POSTADRESS GLOBAL is the most suitable contact partner for DHL’s clients. We offer our address management solutions as a so called value added service to DHL’s logistic services.
The result
Due to the cooperation between DHL Global Mail and POSTADRESS GLOBAL, international letter mailings of more than 100 companies have been updated, some of which are companies from Austria, Switzerland, USA, Great Britain, France and the Benelux countries.