Better response rates due to up to date addresses

Updating in IMP’s international data processing centre

IMPMeister Publishers (Meister Verlag, part of IMP) rely on our updating solutions when merging their own or rented addresses.

The client

International Master Publishers (IMP) is a large Swedish publishing house, which operates in 35 countries. In Germany, Master Publishers, known for their partwork series and the children´s book club marketer Stabenfeldt, is part of the IMP group.

The challenge
Master Publishers alone have over several million client and enquiry addresses and rent hundreds of thousands of addresses regularly for their successful dialogue marketing campaigns. A regular data quality control is extremely important with such a large address database. Otherwise postage return costs increase alarmingly.
The solution
Since 2000, Master Publishers have used the Deutsche Post Adress’s relocation database POSTADRESS MOVE. As the international IMP data processing centre is domiciled in the Czech capital, Prague, updates are provided via POSTADRESS GLOBAL. Since 2007, Austrian addresses have also been updated in this way.
The result
Using their own or rented addresses – Master Publishers prevent postage returns before they occur. Expansion of address maintenance to further countries is planned, as well as the implementation of international data quality solutions (IDQS).