Address maintenance under the symbol of the Wolf

How Jack Wolfskin ensures the delivery of their catalogues

Jack Wolfskin CatalogDue to regular merging of their international addresses against relocation and deceased files, Jack Wolfskin ensures that their high quality catalogue does not return with the comment ‘recipient relocated’ or ‘recipient deceased’. Learn more about our relocation and deceased data.

The client
Jack Wolfskin is one of the largest providers of outdoor equipment and at the same time one of the biggest franchisers in the German specialist sport retail market. Founded in 1981, it offers high quality functional clothing in over 500 stores in 13 countries. The brand name is also represented by an extensive dealer network (Europe-wide around 3,700 sales outlets).
The challenge
To increase customer loyalty, Jack Wolfskin send their summer and winter catalogues to eight different countries. The prerequisite for an efficient mailing is up to date and deliverable addresses. It would be very annoying for the company if the expensive catalogues were not delivered and high material and delivery costs had been incurred.
The solution
In order to prevent unnecessary expenditure for printing, writing paper, envelopes and postage, Jack Wolfskin have been using POSTADRESS GLOBAL for international services since 2006. These services include postal address correction and the merging of international customer addresses with relocation and deceased databases, in order to guarantee a reliable delivery of the catalogues.
The result
Thanks to this working relationship, the return rate of undeliverable letters has decreased significantly and the expenditure for subsequent address research has been minimised.