Optimal brand image thanks to exemplary address maintenance

Tirol Werbung keeps their address database up to date

Tirol has more to offer than just mountains for walking and skiing. Tirol Werbung’s (“Tirol Advertising”) task is to communicate the many advantages of this countryside Europe-wide. Their address data from all three countries is updated at the same time via POSTADRESS GLOBAL.

The client
The Tirol Werbung Ltd. based in Innsbruck is the organisation for tourism for the state Tirol. They represent the interests of three dozen local tourist organisations. One of the main tasks is to develop, reinforce and position the brand ‘Tirol’ in the European tourist market.
The challenge
Tirol Werbung wants to inspire people from all over the world to take a holiday in Tirol. The target markets are tourists in Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Tirol Werbung has more than 80,000 customers (holidaymakers in Tirol) and enquiry addresses from these countries. It is worthwhile to keep these addresses up to date, so that the customers can be written to before they plan the next holiday.
The solution
Tirol Werbung uses POSTADRESS GLOBAL to maintain their German, French, Italian, Swiss and Dutch addresses. The addresses undergo an annual postal correction and are also merged with relocation data and suppression files.
The result
Few movers think of informing any companies, not to mention tourist organisations of their new address. Tirol Werbung have found an efficient way via POSTADRESS GLOBAL to keep their address data up to date.