Vistaprint: Response rates up to +100%

Print media offers for movers in Germany and Switzerland

Relocating companies and consumers are the perfect target group for many of Vistaprint´s products. With POSTADDRESS GLOBAL Vistaprint can efficiently reach this target group. Find out more:

The company: Global player in the printing industry

Vistaprint is an online company that is active across the world and that specializes in marketing and printing solutions in the B2B and B2C market. The high level of awareness it has gained results from various free promotions whereby users can order items such as business cards or address labels for free.

The challenge: Specifically addressing relocating companies without any wastage
Consumers and companies need new visiting cards, address labels, stamps and similar items when they relocate. This makes them a particularly attractive target group for Vistaprint. In 2008, the printing specialist contacted its agency Media!House and asked how to address this target group in the most precise way while minimizing wastage.
The solution: Offerings sent directly to the new address

Media!House recommended the POSTADDRESS MEDIA insert service. A relocation set with “welcome offers” and vouchers is sent to every “Deutsche Post redirection service” user’s new address; this package contains Vistaprint offerings as inserts. This enables Vistaprint to reach 2.4 million households a year. Since 2012, via POSTADDRESS GLOBAL, Vistaprint has also been addressing 400,000 movers in Switzerland – with supplements in the “Homeset”, the relocation set of Swiss Post.

Result: Ongoing success
Vistaprint has positive experiences of the insert service in Germany and Switzerland and of the business planner, resulting in the regular renewal of orders since 2008. With its print media offers for movers, Vistaprint attains response rates that are, in part, twice as high as comparable campaigns addressing non-movers.