You are in Good Hands
Data protection, data security and transparency for the customer, user and private individuals have the highest priority at POSTADDRESS GLOBAL.

Security, Reliability and Integrity

The protection of personal data during our overall business processes is not only important for us due to ethical reasons, but because it's the foundation of our economic success: Our customers know, that their own data and all out data is handled with the utmost care compliant with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and the GDPR, which are effective since May 2018.  


Integrity, Safety and Diligence

Data protection is important for all companies, but especially important for our bank and insurance clients as they have the strictest standards for data protection. When choosing their international data quality solution specialist, these companies look for service providers that can meet these high security standards. 70 of the 100 biggest financial service providers in Germany use POSTADDRESS data quality solutions because we excel in data protection.

Integrity, Safety and Diligence in data storage are the fundamentals of our business. All of our address management processes are designed with the highest data protection in mind and guarantee the highest security standard. All employees are trained and sensitized on these standards.

Two Decades of Certified Data Protection Experience

Only six months after Deutsche Post Adress was founded in 1994, we became a member of the Deutsche Dialogmarketing Verband (DDV, German Dialog Marketing Association). Ever since that day, our standards are regularly checked by the association and have received the DDV quality and performance certification.

We have more than two decades of experience in compliance with address data protection and because of this outstanding performance, DDV has given us the important task of keeping their Robinson list.



Questions concerning data protection at POSTADDRESS GLOBAL?

Philip Liegmann, our contact person for data protection und privacy issues certified by TÜV (the German technical inspection association), is happy to answer all of your questions!

Philip Liegmann
Data Protection Coordinator