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International Data Quality Solutions

Always up-to-date

You are working internationally? Your database consists of addresses of several countries?  You want to have a database, which is always up-to-date?

If this is what you are looking for, we are the right partner for you! We are offering customized international data quality solutions for your cross-border dialogue marketing in (nearly) all countries in the world.




Our services - your advantages

  • NCOA (movers), deceased and undeliverable checks in 13 countries
  • unification of country specific regulations
  • high quality due to one consistent approach on formats, codes and flags for all countries
  • consultancy on individual solutions, specific for customer value driven segmentation
  • integration in your IT environment and systems

All Countries – One Source

Companies that strive for international success must get to know their core markets, which is especially important for address maintenance. That's why we developed a partner network which includes 240 countries and territories. We offer postal correction and deduplication worldwide and can even go further in 13 countries with movers, deceased and undeliverable checks.

Learn more about which data quality solutions are possible for your international consumer addresses by reading our country overview:

The most important data quality solutions for international data

Which international data quality solutions are available at POSTADRESS GLOBAL? Here is our overview:


How up-to-date is your data? We are happy to check the quality of your customer data and the accuracy of your international addresses giving clear overview of how many addresses are deliverable, up-to-date, free of duplicates, etc. Our POSTADDRESS GLOBAL DataAUDIT will provide statistics about the amount of relocations, deceased and undeliverable are in your database. We will consult you on the possible solution to optimize your data quality, calculate the costs for updating and cleaning your addresses.


Formatting and Structuring

Formatting and structuring software recognises prefix, streets and areas in a database. Missing prefix or postcodes are added in. Upper and lower case letters are standardised and unnecessary spaces are deleted. The address is standardized according to the sample format for each country, which is previously stored. In this way you can ensure that your addresses are conform with the postal regulations and will be processed as quickly as possible by the respective postal service provider.

Postal Correction

Is the street name written correctly? Is the postcode correct? Is the address even deliverable? With our postal correction service, the addresses are verified against a street directory, in which all the street names, including areas and postcodes are stored with the official, up to date spelling, in accordance with postal standards. Incorrect data is corrected and missing or incomplete data is added.


Duplicates in the customer file – and several letters sent to the same address. What can you do in order to prevent this? In a deduplication, each single address is merged against all the other addresses in your database. The aim is to mark and/or eliminate duplicate addresses, so that only one record exists for each recipient. An alternative is a duplicate check as the data is being entered to avoid duplicates before they occur.

Relocation Data

Depending on the country, 5 to 15% of the population relocate each year. A lot of consumers forget to inform their contract partner of the new address. Therefore a lot of entries in client databases are out of date. In a lot of countries relocation databases exist, with which your customer database may be merged. With this proactive updating of addresses, postage returns are avoided.

Invalid Addresses

Letters to deceased persons and defunct companies? Merchandise deliveries to invalid addresses? That isn't necessary. In many countries, databases exist with undeliverable and invalid addresses, against which you can merge your customer file. It's about addresses of deceased persons and movers, who didn't leave e.g. a NCOA and about addresses, which can't be found in any street directory.

Robinson lists

Consumers who do not want to receive any promotional mail, have in many countries the possibility to register themselves in so called Robinson Lists. In some countries a comparison with these official lists is obligatory. It's also economically viable to filter out the addresses of those, who do not want to receive promotional mails before sending out a mailing.

Personal Validation

This service confirms that the recipient named in the address really lives at the mentioned address.

Portfolio and Campaign Wash Cleansing

You are allowed to use and save the results of a comparison with your inventory data permanently. But for some countries we are offering one-time / campaign wash cleansing. A typical application is a mailing campaign with external addresses. Prior to the dispatch, old addresses are filtered out or replaced with the current correct address. You will not receive the new address of the customer. Only your lettershop will be able to use this information and it will not be saved for future communication.


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